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Director's Desk

Dear Parents, Students and Teachers,


According to our ancient scholars, every child comes to this world with a lot of material and spiritual knowledge which is covered by a curtain of ignorance. This veil has to be removed for knowledge to shine as an illuminating torch. Education is a tool for the same to happen. When every child gets a conducive environment to joyfully question everything with curiosity, according to their inner nature, life's purpose will be understood.

A school should be a place where the uniqueness of every individual is recognised and an environment is created for every learner to explore, experiment, engage, experience and execute the knowledge for the welfare and happiness of all. Physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual growth is essential for the learner to grow into a responsible adult who is empowered to stand on their own legs financially and is sensitive to their fellow beings as well.

At Ramana Vidyalaya, we strive to celebrate the individuality of every learner and bring out the hidden potential of every child. The curriculum based on the National Curriculum Framework is fine tuned by our erudite team of teachers who are also perennial learners and cater to the needs of our students. The assessments are done in a stress-free environment where the child is assessed for the learning outcomes. Wellness and personal safety are emphasised through various policies, safety education classes and Socio-emotional learning classes. Academic and co-academic activities are given appropriate weightage and all children are encouraged to participate in them regularly. Enough opportunities are provided in the school to expose them to the use of technology in a safe and productive manner. The student leaders take responsibility in organising various events under the guidance of competent staff and many student-led initiatives give them an experience to learn beyond the textbooks. Competency building rather than competition is focused upon.

In short, an environment where the head, heart and hand are all developed appropriately is what we offer at Ramana Vidyalaya. It is gratifying to see that parents feel happy to partner with the school in all the developmental activities of their children. The pleasure one gets on seeing the joy and smile on the faces of the children in a lush green campus has to be experienced rather than explained.

We welcome you to OUR RV.


Every child at their best, for a better world and a better future.

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