Fellowship Program

Be the best teacher you can be!


The Fellowship Program with Ramana Vidyalaya is an opportunity for talented undergraduates, post graduates and aspiring individuals to,




get on-ground training and support,
to be a competent teacher

be the change-maker
to bring out the best in every child

build a career in the education sector based on their area of interest

Our fellowship program lasts anywhere between 12 to 24 months.

During the fellowship program, our fellows, as key members of the Academic team, get an excellent opportunity to serve as full-time teachers in an environment where one can innovate, show their creative talents, continuously learn and get trained by leading educators.


Our Fellows are empowered to:


  • focus on the needs of the child and instruct in a way they learn

  • gain new skills through in-house training sessions

  • sharpen their professional skills


The Fellowship begins with a 10-day induction program which ensures that fellows have the knowledge and skills required to begin teaching in a classroom. After the induction program, fellows get their class allotments for the year. They experience teaching in the classroom and interacting with children, teachers and other stakeholders.

On-ground training and support in the form of Fellows’ Professional Development sessions / workshops happen every month through which fellows get exposed to curriculum, lesson planning, behaviour management, student assessments, child safety and many more concepts to equip themselves to become competent teachers.


During the fellowship, our fellows engage in reflective practice, do research and come up with innovations to improve their teaching methods. Self-reflection in the classroom is a way for educators to look back on their teaching strategies, analyze and evaluate their own teaching practices.

To augment reflective practice among fellows, observation debriefs and peer observations happen frequently, by which our fellows get to observe their peers, get observed by peers, discuss and take ideas to the ground, re-examine them and improve their teaching.

As innovative educators, fellows experience and realize the importance of harnessing and nurturing the creativity of their students. Part of this process includes celebrating differences in students and differentiating instruction to meet the needs of students, to bring out the best in every child.


During the fellowship year, Professional Development Conversations happen thrice a year where fellows have the space to zoom out and think about their professional development, their goals, strengths and areas of development. Based on the conversations, training and support structures are provided to equip them towards their career path in the education sector based on their area of interest. Fellows also get the opportunity to lead training sessions for their peers twice a year, which helps them grow professionally.



The Fellowship program is a great initiative for all candidates who are about to start off with their career as a teacher. It also provides an opportunity for those who wish to resume their career after a long break. I started my career as a fellow primary teacher where I used to work in pairs with another teacher. This gave me a lot of knowledge and experience on how to handle kids. Now, I am handling middle school children since the past 6 months and I can see an increased level of confidence in myself and I am happy to take the role of the class teacher as well. This has made me more responsible and I wish this learning never ends!

- Sowmya S., Fellow, 2019

From our trainers

“I have a passion towards teaching and education but I am not sure if I can be a good teacher.”


Most newbies start their fellowship program with this self-doubt. RV’s Fellowship Program transforms them into competent teachers who end up saying, “I teach, What’s your superpower?”

On top of teaching, Fellows acquire skills, knowledge and mindset needed to work closely with the management on the school’s priorities like Curriculum Designing, Branding & Communication, Special Education, Visual and Performing Arts, School Administration, Child Protection, Infrastructural Development, Early Childhood Education, Sports, Fitness & Health and many more.

- Lakshmipriya Ganesan

Aishwarya S.jpeg

The fellowship program serves to be a platform for beginning teachers to build proficiency in teaching and gain expertise that aids learning in the classroom. Along with pedagogy, fellows learned to leverage the use of technology towards effective utilization of class hours.


The experience as a trainer was uplifting as the fellows actively engaged with the sessions thereby expanding the scope of the training program in the years to come.

- Aishwarya S.

Ensuring safety and well-being of children is elemental in any profession that demands interaction with children. At RV, our Fellowship training program includes modules that empower aspiring teachers to create safe and joyful environments for children to learn in and identify and report signs of child abuse and neglect.

These sessions include case-study based discussions that promote strengthening of the mindset of child safety. The learning and reflection that our fellows have through these sessions gives us the confidence to entrust them with creating positive learning environments for all our children.

- Harini R.


STEP 1: Click on this link to understand the Job Description and the Recruitment process.

STEP 2: Send in your resume to resume@ramanaschool.com. Include “Teaching Fellow” in the subject line.