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is now at Mahindra World City!

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MWC Campus

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our new branch at Mahindra World City (MWC), Chengalpattu, where we continue to nurture unique potential and strive to deliver excellent education. Our MWC campus is complemented by the latest infrastructure and facilities to ensure that your child’s educational journey is supported by the best resources.

Ramana Vidyalaya has always believed in achieving synergy between nature and technology. In line with this belief, our new campus at Mahindra World City is developed around the natural elements of the site. The new branch mirrors our commitment to providing a holistic education that goes beyond textbooks.

Our guiding principles and philosophy remain unwavering: to empower, inspire, and celebrate the distinctive talents and strengths of every student. We understand that each child learns differently and thrives in their own exceptional way. With this in mind, our dedicated teachers personalise the learning experience, fostering an environment where curiosity is encouraged, creativity is embraced, child-wellness is prioritised and learning is joyful.

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Apply now and let your child's uniqueness blossom with us at Ramana Vidyalaya!

Ms. Lalitha Chandrasekaran, Managing Director and Trustee


Ms. Lalitha Chandrasekharan is an educator with over four decades of experience. She started her teaching career in Nairobi (Kenya) and led DAV Girls Senior Secondary School as Principal for more than 15 years during her 24-year association with them. She has also served the CBSE in several roles including Head Examiner, Subject Matter Expert and Master Trainer.

A co-founder of RV, she has driven its growth into a diverse, high quality, holistic learning environment. She is a strong believer that each child should be nurtured physically, emotionally and intellectually to reach their potential.


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We are currently under construction!


Engagement activities for KG - Grade VI

APRIL 2024

Till APRIL 2024


Classes begin!

JUNE 2024


For admission-related queries,

Contact: + 91 95662 84215 (09:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m.)

Write to us at:

Visit us at: 2nd Avenue, Veerapuram village road, Mahindra World City, Chengalpattu - 603002

How to reach us


Every child at their best, for a better world and a better future.

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