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School Life

Rather than have us, the management, talk about school life, we wanted to simply reflect what the students think. Here they are, giving their perspective on life at Ramana Vidyalaya.

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Our school, Ramana Vidyalaya, is a little world in itself. Here, one evolves into a better person and learns to lead a dignified and disciplined life, while enjoying the benefits of quality education and a friendly learning environment.

Teachers and the school management are always happy to help and guide students and believe in creating dynamic learning experiences for students. Diversity takes a whole new meaning and students learn to find their own unique identity.

Over the years that I have spent in RV, the learnings and the experiences I have had are tremendous, and I would proudly say that there is no other school I would have loved to be in.



- Adithi Venkateswaran, School Pupil Leader, 2018-19


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