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August Authors | Celebrating Young Writers

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

August Authors was organised under the initiative 'RV Writes' - a platform that encourages students to showcase their flair for creative writing in the form of Prose or Poetry.

As part of RV Writes, a month-long online Writing Contest titled “August Authors” was held, where students across Grades 6-12 submitted their write-ups based on a weekly prompt. The best entries were featured in the school’s official Instagram page. We present to you a few prize-winning entries of RV Writes:

The Yellow Pressure Cooker

By Adarsh V., 6 C

Ram lived in a beautiful house on the outskirts of Chennai. One day, Ram’s mom told him to help his dad to paint the fence because all the paint had come off. His mom said that when they got tired they should call her because she would bring lunch. Ram and his father started to paint the fence. Once it was lunchtime his mom brought out some plates, a pressure cooker filled with rice, and some dhal.

When they were going to start eating his dog ran out and jumped on the table and knocked some yellow paint onto the pressure cooker. Luckily his mom had served most of the rice but some of the rice that was left turned yellow.

After lunch, they all went inside to take some rest but his mom wanted to try to get the paint off the cooker. After trying for some time she gave up because she could not get it off. Since she was not able to get it off they painted the entire thing yellow. Ever since that incident, it was called “The yellow pressure cooker”.

Midnight Misunderstanding

By M.K.C. Ezhil, 8 A

In the middle of the night,

A looming figure of white

Came into sight;

I gripped the pillows tight,

In sheer fright,

everything’s over right?

What else can you think of,

In such a plight?

That’s when a tiny beam of light

shown quite bright

“I’ve got some chocolate from the fridge,

fancy a bite?”

The Day Before Independence

By Sai Sree Keerthi, 8 B

They came here for trades

and they made us their slaves.

They collected tax for everything

But granted us nothing.

They did nothing right,

those were the people in white.

We all had to bear a lot of struggles,

Because our rulers acted like muggles.

For centuries there was a long fight,

everything will be free tonight.

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